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Required Documents

RCSCEF Scholarship Application

What to Send Us

The following documents must be included in your application submission.

  1. 1Your Cadet Information Card

    An up-to-date copy of your Cadet Card, provided to you by your corps.

  2. 2Your Personal Letter of Application

    Describe your passion for your program, your goals, the accomplishments you take special pride in, and anything else that would help us get a picture of who you are. This letter should be no longer than two type written pages.

  3. 3Your CV or Biography

    This is where you show us what you have done. You can do so in paragraph or point form. Tell us what you have done in your community, and with Cadets. What are your hobbies and interests? What jobs have you had? Make sure to tell us about any awards or special commendations that you or the groups that you have been part of have received.

  4. 4Letters of Recommendation

    One letter of recommendation from your Commanding Officer plus either two or three additional letters from other people who know you and feel that you deserve a scholarship.

  5. 5Your Final Year Mid Term Marks

    Your final year midterm marks and overall average, provided to you by your Secondary Education Institution.

  6. 6Transcript of your Final Marks

    A certified transcript of your final marks and overall average, provided to you by your Provincial Ministry of Education.

  7. 7Letter of Acceptance or Provisional Acceptance from the Institution you plan to Attend

    If you are unable to provide this at the time of your application, attach an explanation. It must be received with your final marks no later than August 1.

Initial Application Due

June 30


Final Marks Due

August 1

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Are all your documents prepared and ready for submission?