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Sea Cadet Scholarship Foundation

2009 Recipient

Nicole Parson-Admussen

University of Calgary
  • University of Calgary

I am honoured to be one of the recipients of the 2009 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Scholarships. Your generous support is helping me to fulfill my dream of going to the University of Calgary.

Through the Sea Cadet Program I was given the opportunity to teach both at the home corps level and at the summer camps. Watching kids learn something new, or finally understand why something is the way it is, gives me the most wonderful feeling of success. Knowing that I am the reason that someone remembers something makes me feel great, and is the reason why I want to teach.

I have been in cadets since I was 10 and joined the Navy League Cadets, and receiving this scholarship exemplifies the point that if you work hard, no matter why you are working, you will be rewarded. Cadets gave me the opportunity to expand my horizons, think outside the box, and help others through classes and volunteer opportunities.