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Sea Cadet Scholarship Foundation

2017 Recipient

Nelson Hill

RCSCC Bicknell (Richmond, BC)
  • RCSCC Bicknell
  • Richmond, BC
  • BCIT

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am the recipient of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Education Foundation Scholarship and I am writing to thank you for your generous support as I will be using the scholarship to help pay for my post-secondary tuition.

In September, I started the Nautical Sciences Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. In this program I have been learning regulations regarding shipping and cargo, a wide variety of seamanship skills as well as will also get to learn about ship handling, navigation, cargo handling, firefighting as well as Marine Advances First Aid on top of many more courses to come. I have been in the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Bicknell in Richmond, BC since 2012 and recently I have been promoted to the position of Coxswain. I have been attending HMCS QUADRA for the past few summers . In my there, I have learned about leadership, citizenship, boat handling skills, seamanship as well discipline and teamwork. Outside of the cadets, I have volunteer with the Canadian Life Boat Assocation; a marine non-profit organization, which allows me to make a difference in my community. This scholarship will definitely help me pursue my post-secondary aspirations in maritime studies and in the future end up serving in the Canadian Armed Forces as a naval officer.

Thank you once again for this scholarship.
Sincerely, Nelson Hill